Given the size of the U.S. market, I'll stick to my bet. If someone can come up with real-deal EMI 
sales figures showing I'm wrong, dinner is on me. This only applies to the pre-"Sgt. Pepper" albums, 
of course. From "Sgt. Pepper" onward, the sequences were the same _for albums released in both US 
and UK markets_. Note the caveat. "Magical Mystery Tour" and "Hey Jude" were US-only albums.

Aside from the many internal EMI vs Capitol dynamics, I'm sure a big reason the Official albums and 
sequences in the CD era have always been original UK is that the albums were longer in length (more 
songs) and thus CD buyers (especially in non-US markets) wouldn't complain about being ripped off. 
Capitol could put out 30-minute and shorter LPs up until "Sgt. Pepper" for two main reasons: 1) 
insatiable Beatlemania in the US market and, 2) much lower relative cost of LP records to US 
consumers, both in currency equivilences and especially in price vs. income measures. UK records, 
LPs, had a much higher cost to UK consumers, so 40+ minute albums were the norm. For that price, 
quieter vinyl tended to be used (also lower average levels to fit the times on the sides). We all 
know how good quality many EMI LPs were in the 60s, and how bad quality many US pop records were in 
the 60s. By quality I mean vinyl flatness and quietness, pressing quality, graphics sharpness and 
sleeve paper quality, etc.

-- Tom Fine

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> Tom Fine wrote:
>> I'll bet....that if someone tracked down real-deal EMI sales figured, the
>> US Capitol albums were what sold the most copies, and therefore by that
>> measure they are the "official" sequences and titles.
> That maybe true in the US but worldwide it was the EMI UK versions that
> were issued.  I liked the sequencing of the US albums better (except for
> Please Please Me, a personal favorite of mine since I grew up with the Vee
> Jay version).  The US releases included singles and EPs  left off the
> British albums. British albums did not include the hits because they felt
> nobody wanted to buy the same material twice. That's why the Past Masters
> was compiled.
> Can you imagine listening to Meet The Beatles (in UK known as With The
> Beatles) without I Want To Hold Your Hand?
> The Meet The Beatles track lineup is far superior. IMO.