Here's one that's not "like a party was going on in the studio." An actual party WAS going on.

Joe Tex, "Skinny Legs and All"

The story of this song, as told in the liner notes of "Atlantic R&B" series of reissues from the 
80s, is that a group of people were invited into the studio off the street. A large quantity of food 
and booze was provided. The tape was played over and over again, and the audience reaction was 
recorded. Then the audience recording was mixed with the master music track to get the single.

Here's a video of Joe Tex lip-syncing, pretending the "party" is in the TV studio!

-- Tom Fine

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> Lou Judson wrote:
>> I haven't heard his name for maybe 40 years, but some of the songs
>> resonate from my youth and KYA/KEWB ("The Big Six-Ten!") top 40 radio - the
>> crown party noises in Quarter to Three (as well as the refrain!) are deep
>> in my blood.
> Gary US Bonds made some of the early "garage records" thought they weren't
> called that then. It was called in collector circles the "Norfolk Sound"
> and normally this distorted sound was primarily on LeGrand Records of
> Norfolk Va. Like a party going on in the studio. LeGrand is apparently
> still in business as "Rockmasters International Network, Inc."
> These are the original hits at a fair price.
> .
> Paul Urbahns
> Radcliff, ky