On 9/6/2014 10:52 PM, Peter Hirsch wrote:
> I am listening to a recording of Morton Feldman's Piano and string quartet
> on a Bridge CD (catalog no. 9369). This piece clocks in at 79:13 and is
> recorded as a single track of that length. The sound drops out from time to
> time for a moment, which leads me to wonder if the unusual length of the
> disc and track is a factor have listened to this disc on my computer's CD
> drive without these dropouts.

Are the toward the end of the piece? I've seen slightly marginal discs 
skip when the laser was reading the outer reaches of the disc; I presume 
that the disc's wobble was at fault.

> Can someone give a lucid, brief, explanation of what causes the dropouts
> and why the results are different on my computer and CD player?

Most computer CD drives are more robust and more capable of reading 
marginal discs than most consumer CD players.

You might try ripping the disc onto your hard drive, then burning a 
duplicate. I've fixed a lot of marginal discs that way. Do the ripping 
at no more than 8x speed (4x if the disc is really iffy). Use a 
good-quality blank disc like a Taiyo Yuden, burning at again) 8x.