Peter, I agree with Ellis and Paul about this -- try ripping the CD to your computer and either 
playing from the hard drive or burning another copy. Clean the CD first (Ellis is correct about 
fingerprints). As one who has bought many yard-sale and dollar-bin used CDs over the years, I have 
found that many discs which won't play in an audio CD player (especially an old one) will rip to WAV 
or FLAC just fine in my Plextor Pro computer DVD/CD drive (now about 10 years old, so it's no spring 
chicken either). I use dBPowerAmp's CD Ripper program, which connects to the AccuRip database and 
tells me if any tracks don't match that data. That happens rarely, and many times those tracks still 
playback just fine or maybe with one digital pop that I can do in and remove in Soundforge (in other 
words one tiny part of a track couldn't get error-corrected, which shows up as either a mute or more 
commonly as a near-zero dB spike, which I just hand-write out of the waveform like a sharp tick on 
an LP record).

In the case of your CD, first clean it carefully, especially the edges. Then, handle it only on the 
rim. Then, try ripping it to WAV on your computer.

-- Tom Fine

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> Hi Peter.  CDs are recorded inside to outside, so a super long CD such as
> the one you describe has data at the very outer edge of the disc (you
> should be able to see this data if you hold the disc up to a light). The
> outer edge is where the disc is handled, so fingerprints and dirt can be a
> problem, as well as any slight mechanical deformation in the disc.  Your
> computer's DVD burner spins the disc at high speed, which may help flatten
> it out somewhat if it is slightly warped.  Also, the computer's error
> correction might be more robust than that of your CD player.
> Best,
> Ellis Burman
> On Sat, Sep 6, 2014 at 9:52 PM, Peter Hirsch <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>> I am listening to a recording of Morton Feldman's Piano and string quartet
>> on a Bridge CD (catalog no. 9369). This piece clocks in at 79:13 and is
>> recorded as a single track of that length. The sound drops out from time to
>> time for a moment, which leads me to wonder if the unusual length of the
>> disc and track is a factor have listened to this disc on my computer's CD
>> drive without these dropouts.
>> Can someone give a lucid, brief, explanation of what causes the dropouts
>> and why the results are different on my computer and CD player?
>> Curious as ever,
>> Peter Hirsch
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> Ellis
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