Hi, Andy and Tom and all,

I see that Tom has taken my name in vain (glad it's not in vein) and 
Andy has attended one of my audio preservation workshops.

I would be happy to provide a technical resource.

My best oral history interviews have been done with a pair of Sennheiser 
MKH-416 short shotguns and the CD-rez recorder de jour. (My first and 
longest trial with it was with a D8 DAT in the 90s.) I wonder what would 
be an economical replacement for the MKH-416. I think Rode has one that 
is more-or-less equal, but, alas, that may include price.

Reasons for liking short shotguns: reduce ambient noise/reverb, brings 
in presence from a longer distance. Reason for liking THESE short 
shotguns: low self noise, RF capsule system (immune from humidity 
issues), and they sound wonderful. They have been a go-to Hollywood 
voice-over booth mic for years. In fact, it's still in their catalog, 
the last of the MKH series mics dating back to the 1950s).

I just saw an announcement for the Zoom H5 which is a four-channel 
recorder that uses the H6 mic modules, but the XY mic module for the H5 
is re-engineered with vibration isolation.

Laying the recorder flat on the table on a small piece of foam has the 
advantage of eliminating most reflections--this is the principle behind 
the "Mic Mouse" and the PZM Boundary layer microphones.


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