Hi, Steve,

My recollection back in the day (70s, 80s?) when Capitol bought out 
Audio Devices/Audiotape was that there were new formulations with the Q 
number. I have seen some of this back-coated tape go sticky shed like 
many of the other brands.

I am not aware of a listing for Audiotape/Capitol (nor Ampex/Quantegy) 
like we have for 3M and IG Farben/Agfa/BASF at the AES HC website.



On 2014-09-08 5:50 PM, Steven Smolian wrote:
> I just obtained a bunch of sealed tapes, "Auduiotape Q19 by Capitol.  High
> Quality/ Low Noise.  Cushion-Aire w. Backcoating 1.0 mil polyester.
> I've never seen this one before, and have 15 or so each of 5" and 7" sealed
> boxes of it I'd like to describe in an Ebay listing.  Is this a repackaging
> of an Audiotape product with a different product number?
> Baffled
> (also known as Steve Smolian)
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