On 2014-09-10 3:28 PM, John Haley wrote:
> Hello, Richard,
> This is off list.

Ooops! I don't think it was. Thanks for the kind words.

> I read your post with great interest, and I hope you
> will do the paper about azimuth, which I believe will prove to be a very
> valuable resource.
> I bought Izotope RX3 Advanced a few months ago, based on your
> recommendation and that of others, and it never stops amazing me, as I get
> more skilled with it.  It is really fantastic in many respects, and I can
> get results with it, on removing noise (in various ways), that I could
> never achieve before.  So thanks very much for your good recommendation on
> that.

Getting good with a tool like iZotope, Samplitude, Photoshop, or 
Lightroom requires a major investment in time and effort. These are my 
four biggies and I'm still learning about all of them. My next challenge 
is as I move my audio testing away from 
hardware to software.

Or maybe now that Firefox won't let me synch passwords among instances 
while having a master password--I need to learn a new password manager. 
I'm headed towards KeePass...grrrr.

> Your email to the list mentioned an azimuth compensation feature in Izotope
> RX3, but I haven't found that yet!  Could you tell me where it is?

It's the third tab in the Channel Operations applet.



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