Hello, Mr. Obert-Thon,

I'm in the library where I work so I looked at their 6-volume RCA LP box set and noticed, in the first book, that there are re-issues from Decca and Seraphim.
I only looked thru the first book, so there might be some other labels listed in the other 5 books.

Ben Roth

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>Anyone have details of a multi-disc multi-volume HEIFETZ COLLECTION 
>issued on LP by RCA in the 1970's ???  How complete was it - or did it 
attempt to be a retrospective?

The LP "Heifetz Collection" came out in 1975 as six volumes with four discs in each box.  The aim was not absolute completeness, as in the later CD set, but rather to restore to the catalog all of Heifetz' RCA and EMI recordings which were not currently in the catalog of either company.  
Since many were still available, including all of his stereo recordings, a lot was left out.  The American Deccas were not included in this series, even though they were listed as "currently unavailable" in the discography of the booklet that came with each album.

This series was followed up in 1977 with a six-LP set called "The Heifetz Chamber Music Collection" which included a 1951 recording of the Mozart Violin Concerto No. 5 with Sargent conducting the LSO, apparently forgotten in the first series.  Again, only recordings from the mono era were included.

Mark Obert-Thon