You might check with Rainbo records in Santa Barbara.  They used to make
most of the discs that were used in these machines.  And look up
Mutoscope.  There also was an Empire State Building recording booth that
was not only in the Empire State building.  It was similar.  Indeed, the
main problem might be getting blank discs because a regular aluminum
base lacquer disc won't work. It crimps dimples in the label area of the
discs to keep the disc in place.  Discs were fibre base or thin

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Many thanks- this is a great start! If anyone knows of any research /
publications as well, that would be brilliant!

Lorna Fulton
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>Google in your friend ...
>etc., etc.
>On 17/09/2014, Lorna Fulton <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>> Hi, I'm new to this list, so forgive me if this question has been
>> before!
>> I'm based in the UK and doing a project recording contemporary
>>musicians on
>> a 78 presto lathe- one mic, one take, one cut. We're then building this
>> into
>> a contemporary archive. The majority of the musicians are those who play
>> traditionally inspired music (recently recorded Sheesham & Lotus & son
>> (Toronto) and the lost brothers (Ireland)).
>> We're looking to further develop the project by building a traditional
>> recording booth- of the voice o graph type- the ones which used to be
>> around
>> in the 40s-60s, which would then travel around cities, placed where the
>> recording booths used to be, where the public could record a record, and
>> there would be a range of performances from musicians we have worked
>> I've already been in touch with the British Library and the British
>> Archive looking for any archival/historical information on these
>> booths, but they have been unable to find anything, so referred me to
>> list. I know Jack White has a voice o graph in his studio, but aside
>> that, am finding it very hard to find out anything about their history-
>> anyone could help, that would be brilliant!
>> Thank you!
>> Lorna Fulton
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