Looking at his website, he had his 75th birthday party at a club last week.

One must wonder, does he tour and play for the fun of it, or because the music industry provides no retirement? I admit, as a West Coaster, I haven't heard his name for maybe 40 years, but some of the songs resonate from my youth and KYA/KEWB ("The Big Six-Ten!") top 40 radio - the crown party noises in Quarter to Three (as well as the refrain!) are deep in my blood.

But what rockers in the 60s expected to be rehashing that era into their 70s?!? Like the Rolling Stones... I anticipate no retirement for myself either. Damn the bankers and corporate heads! (Sorry to go there, but gee...)
Lou Judson
Intuitive Audio

On Sep 2, 2014, at 6:58 AM, Paul Urbahns wrote:

> Gary is still touring and this summer filled in on the Happy Together Tour
> with The Turtles when one of the usual artists got sick. Gary got some of
> the best reviews of the tour.
> Paul Urbahns
> Radcliff, Ky