Ah- I see! The guy who fixed it all for me was an electronic engineer-
this included rebuilding cylinders, wiring, lubricating and tightening
turntable and all rubber- pretty much everything has been restored- the
cutter head was restored by gib at west tech, and the roller by terry's
rubber rollers (both in the US). had a lot of help by the people at lathe

Its an EV dynamic mic- we're currently playing around with different
kinds- recently tried an omni directional mic, and it made no difference
to the recording!

Lorna Fulton
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On 18/09/2014 17:25, "Tom Fine" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

>Hi Lorna:
>Right, but what MAKE AND MODEL for the mic you're using? We're curious as
>to its sensitivity,
>directional pattern, etc. This all has bearing on how to use it in a
>In "fixing up" the Presto recorder, what did your friend do? Do you know
>for sure that it runs on
>speed and to original mechanical specs? What about the electronics? Did a
>technician test each stage
>to make sure the noise floor is low and hum is not entering the audio
>circuits? And the cutterhead,
>how was that restored? I don't know enough about these machines to say
>for sure, but if there is
>mechanical damping and isolation, I think it's a good bet that
>70-year-old rubber or plastic is shot
>and lubricants probably need to be cleaned out and replaced. You need to
>do all of this just to get
>the machine running as it was designed to run and as it ran in the 1940s.
>By the way, if the
>turntable is driven with a rubber puck (sometimes call a puck-drive or
>rim-drive design), it's
>likely that the rubber has dried out and the platter thus probably has
>bad wow and may not run
>on-speed. All of these things can be restored, but care and enterprise
>must be practiced because
>usable original parts probably don't exist.
>-- Tom Fine
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>> Oh- sorry! Its a 1938 presto Model D: had it all fixed up by a friend as
>> it had been sitting in a recording studio for about 40 years and no
>> worked...
>> It already has a preamp, so we're using the machine with a standard mic.
>> My knowledge of the technical side of it isn't brilliant I'm afraid!
>> Lorna Fulton
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>> On 18/09/2014 18:08, "Paul Stamler" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>>>On 9/18/2014 2:39 AM, Lorna Fulton wrote:
>>>> Its just a standard microphone with xlr/amphenol connectorę.
>>>I think we'd all like to know the make & model, and what associated
>>>recording chain you're using -- preamp or interface etc.