HI again!

The problem is only when recording. I am using a brand new RMG tape. When
playing this tape it is completely silent. When recording I hear sounds as
described in the background like "pops" and "crackles". At first I thought
it was hiss from the record source, but when I listened to the source only
there was no hiss on the recording. When I play back the tape I hear the
"hiss" in the background of the music and between the tracks. On un-recorded
parts on the tape it is nothing but silent.

So as far as I can see this is a problem that occurs only when recording.

Maybe this clears out what the problem may be?

All the best

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Emne: Re: [ARSCLIST] Need for head demagnietizer?

On 9/19/2014 7:40 PM, Paul Stamler wrote:
> In either case, the problem is probably not magnetizaed heads (but see 
> below). It's probably an electrolytic capacitor in the circuit 
> (playback or output amp) that is dying and becoming leaky. Probably 
> the simplest and most economical way to solve the problem is to 
> replace all the electrolytic capacitors with units of the same value and
voltage rating.
> Buy caps rated a 105 degrees C., not 85 degrees -- they'll last longer.
> This is known as "shotgunning", and it's cheaper than having someone 
> painstakingly check out the machine for leaky caps; just fix 'em all 
> and you're good for another ten years or more.

I forgot to add than, when replacing a cap with one of the same value and
the same (or higher) voltage rating, you need to pay attention to the
polarity of the old cap, and install the new one with the same polarity.
(The cap will have one of its terminals marked with a "+" or a