May I ask if this is an expensive service? I have no knowledge in
electronics, but I know about a serviceman in electronics here who has some
general knowledge and have serviced reel to reel tape recorders for me

Are the components expensive and/or is the service a tough one?

All the best

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Emne: Re: [ARSCLIST] SV: [ARSCLIST] Need for head demagnietizer?

On 9/20/2014 3:42 AM, Jan Myren wrote:
> The problem is only when recording. I am using a brand new RMG tape. 
> When playing this tape it is completely silent. When recording I hear 
> sounds as described in the background like "pops" and "crackles". At 
> first I thought it was hiss from the record source, but when I 
> listened to the source only there was no hiss on the recording. When I 
> play back the tape I hear the "hiss" in the background of the music 
> and between the tracks. On un-recorded parts on the tape it is nothing but
> So as far as I can see this is a problem that occurs only when recording.
> Maybe this clears out what the problem may be?

Hiss is normal; that's what tape does. Pops and crackles, however, are not.
It sounds like you have a dying capacitor, not in the playback or output
amplifier, but in the record amplifier. Again, shotgunning the capacitors is
the best solution.

You may need to also demag the record head, if the dying cap has allowed it
to become magnetized. Get hold of a magnetomoeter and find ouot. A
magnetized head won't cause pops & crackles, but it may be magnetized as a
result of the same problem that is causing the pops and crackles.