I obtained the machine from Don Caldwell Studios. Caldwell studios has been in business since 1972. The best known artists to cut on the Scully at Caldwell's are Joe Ely (the demo enabled him to sign with MCA) steel guitarist and producer Lloyd Maines, and Jack Neal who performed early on with Buddy Holly (Buddy and Jack duo). I have a little over 100 4-track masters from Caldwell Studios. Don Caldwell purchased the machine from Norman Petty. I have been told that is very possible that the hit song "Sugar Shack" by Jimmy Gilmer and The Fireballs was cut on the same machine, unverified at this time. 


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Steve Puntolillo
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He will know exactly who you should talk to. What studios? Please tell some history!

Good luck with the restoration.

-- Tom Fine

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> Hi All,
> I recently acquired a Scully 280 one-inch 4-track machine. It was the machine used to record in 
> two historic recording studios in my region. I have many of the original 4 track master tapes from 
> one of the studios. I would like to restore the machine. Any suggestions?
> Thanks!
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