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>Thanks, Mark, this is decent data.
>The question is in the counting.  Were the songs included as well?  If so,
>that would certainly expanf the numbers, given the popularity of some in

This was just for orchestral performances, although that also would have 
included songs with orchestra.  "Das Lied von der Erde" would have counted 
as one, not six pieces.

The count was based on (according to the essay) "conductor biographies, 
orchestral and venue archival records, and, most importantly, data from the 
pre-WW II Universal Edition rental library contained in a dissertation by 
Dr. Stephan Buchon.  Because the Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Symphonies were 
not published by Universal [...] there is less information about 
performances of these works.  It would probably take several years of 
further research -- checking additional orchestra records newspaper 
reviews, and exploring details of concerts in the former Eastern Bloc 

Mark O-T