Thanks Carl, that link works.  Unfortunately Hardwicke's comments do
not shed any light on the Ellington recordings which Brad Kay issued
on LP (which I have).

Strangely, my Mac (OS 10.7.5) will not play the samples which Marc posted.
Is the "Lester Leaps In" he posted in stereo or not?


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> Thank you for the further info, Doug. From what Marc wrote, it was unclear
> how much of the project was in stereo. But just considering the date,
> circumstances, and the tech of that day, I was impressed by how good the
> samples sound. The oboe is distant but the strings can be heard well. Even
> for a casual Parker fan like me, it's astonishing to hear. Thanks for
> helping to make it possible.
> That link was from Lani Spahr's post, August 5th. It works for me - here it
> is from the browser:
> Interesting discussion, folks. 
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> Hi Carl,
> I couldn't find the item you referenced at, but I contacted Marc
> Myers and he sent me this link: 
> This 2-CD set is not a recent release, but one which I created in 1996 for
> Jazz Classics Records.  It has only one performance in "stereo" (which the
> album cover does not make clear!), and the effect is not very convincing due
> to the considerable distance between the two non-pro recorders and the very
> poor audio quality of one of them, especially with regard to speed
> stability.  
> Even Capstan would not be able to synchronize these two tracks!  (I chopped
> the recording into many successively smaller parts and changed the
> durations, and pitch where necessary, to synchronize the segments between
> points where the same musical event could be clearly seen in the waveforms
> of both recordings.
> This was the best I could do with what I had back in 1996.
> Part of this track was played at the recent meeting of the New York Chapter
> of ARSC, at which I appeared in a panel discussion with other engineers.
> BTW, the link you provide for the Keith Hardwicke's comments
> did not work on my computer.  Have I got it wrong, or has it expired?
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