I am working with an old tape recording that has several instances of distortion that sound like clipping.  When I view the waveform in my DAW, I see two things that are puzzling:

1.       The waveform in the distorted areas is not at a higher amplitude than other undistorted sections.

2.       The waveform amplitude appears to be attenuated on the negative side of the waveform, but not on the positive side.

The distorted sections usually last only about a second and do coincide with loud high notes from a trumpet soloist.  The recordings are from live performances in the 1970s.

Any thoughts on what I am dealing with?  I have Izotope RX 3 Advanced, and have had little success in repairing this particular problem with the Declip, Decrackle, or Declick modules.  I don't think there is enough tone left under the distortion to effectively repair it.

Bruce Whisler