Maybe a bit more ARSC-related is the great series of conversations of Cage and Feldman, recorded in the early '60s at WBAI. Are these well-known? Several can be found at John and Morty smoking and riffing on whatever is on their minds. IIRC, there were six in all, but only a couple of them are on the archive. What radio once was.

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I think that the non-melodic, non-linear, nature of Feldman's music allows for great latitude in terms of length of performance. The idea of making cuts in works of this nature makes no sense, at least not to me. Their length and rhythmic near-stasis are as vital to them as the notes on the page.

I fear that we may be wandering off into areas that are non-ARSC related, so I won't further analyse Feldman's compositional method and its impact any further here. Thanks for pointing out the other DVD recordings of his work. I will keep an eye out for them.


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> Hi Peter-I looked this work up and also another work by Feldman 
> titled, "For John Cage."  These both appear on a Matchless DVD 
> (MRDVD01) that is described as follows:
> "Region: 0, PAL format. This is a video DVD, although images are only 
> used for the DVD menu and the first 25 sec of each track. The screen 
> will be black for the remainder of the pieces. The disk can only be 
> played on a computer with DVD drive or DVD player."
> I am listening to a streaming version while I type, and I congratulate 
> you for being able to find the time to sit and listen all the way 
> through; the music is somewhat challenging to listen to attentively.  
> Interesting to note that "For John Cage" is 89.01 minutes long and the 
> Piano and String Quartet is 89.30 minutes.  Both versions are done by 
> the Smith Quartet in 2009.  Do you think that moving to a DVD solves 
> some problems?  Why are the Smith Quartet versions 10 minutes longer 
> than your version?  Is it possible that some of the work was removed 
> to make it fit on CD, or are the tempi different enough so that the work lasts longer in the Smith version?
> Regards, FBS
> On Sun, Sep 7, 2014 at 12:52 AM, Peter Hirsch <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> > I am listening to a recording of Morton Feldman's Piano and string
> quartet
> > on a Bridge CD (catalog no. 9369). This piece clocks in at 79:13 and 
> > is recorded as a single track of that length. The sound drops out 
> > from time
> to
> > time for a moment, which leads me to wonder if the unusual length of 
> > the disc and track is a factor have listened to this disc on my 
> > computer's CD drive without these dropouts.
> >
> > Can someone give a lucid, brief, explanation of what causes the 
> > dropouts and why the results are different on my computer and CD player?
> >
> > Curious as ever,
> >
> > Peter Hirsch
> >
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> Frank B Strauss, DMD