Karen said:

>The only thing we've had in the past is the >title variation (MARC
>246)  but also AFAIK we haven't actually provided >for translations
>of titles.

MARC does make such provision, field 242.

In MARC we also have 210 for abbreviated title, 222 for key title, 240
for uniform title, 242 for translated title, 243 for collected uniform
title, 247 for former title, and UKMARC has 248 for constituent title.

It would seem to me Bibframe would need at least that many
distinctions.  If there are no indicators, MARC 246 would need several
separate fields for part of title, etc.  Using the same field for each
of these would make programming difficult it seems to me, not to
mention creation of subject and added entries, or citations.

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