Karen said:

>Let's take my local public library that has a few >copies of War and
>Peace, none of which are in Russian. ... linking to the original 1)
>may not be helpful to the >library's users 2) is probably not a good
>use of the >cataloger's time.

Karen, this is certainly in accord with what our small library clients
tell us.  They are not interested in linking to resources they do not
have, and that their patrons can not read.

The same applies to 130 and 240 uniform titles in languages their
patrons can not read.  They do not have a record for the original with
which this record meeds to be united by a uniform title.

A 246 1  $aTranslation of:$a ... produces both the note you suggest
and access by the original title, which is more useful than just a

I've no idea what the Bibframe version of 246 would be, nor whether it
would produce both a note and access.  MARC has a lot of versatility,
which I hope Bibframe will also provide.

Your comment that newer standards seem to be developed with only
larger libraries in mind, very much accords with our experience.  Your
contrast between the bibliographical universe and the holdings of a
particular library is also very apt.  Thank you.  I hope Bibframe
developers take heed to your insights.

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