Thanks, Mark. So it would seem that for BIBFRAME, titleVariation would be the property. However, are these titles associated with the Work or the Instance/Manifestation?  I find this confusing in BIBFRAME because titleVariation is listed as a property on the Work page[1] , with domain Title, but the class Title [1] doesn't include it. Has anyone looked carefully at titles in BIBFRAME to understand their semantics?



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I believe the poster is referring to providing transcriptions and/or translations of the title that do not appear on the piece itself. Those should be distinguished from the title on piece. AFAIK (catalogers, please weigh in here!), the only thing we've had in the past is the title variation (MARC 246), but also AFAIK we haven't actually provided for translations of titles. Do the cataloging rules address this?

For cataloger-supplied translations, RDA has  MARC has the 242; some may also use or substitute the 246 for this.

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