Thanks, Nate. I misread the right-hand column as domain, but it is 
range. So I ran a record through the converter, and it appears that 
titleVariation appears as an Instance property. This would mean that a 
variant on the work title is not covered (at the moment). However, I 
also note that title and titleVariation are not associated with any 
domains, so in fact they could be used with either Work or Instance, if 

I read back through the thread that Rob pointed out (thanks!) and it 
does appear that there is still an open discussion on title as "entity". 
It is a difficult one, though, due to "cataloging in MARC" practice. I 
note that it isn't clear to me how this is/will be handled in RDA in RDF 
- the various title properties are rangeless and the parts of the title 
(subtitle, part, number, etc.) are not addressed - nor if the separation 
of the title string into sub-strings is required by the cataloging rules 
- nor if there is actual utility in the separation (from a 
machine-processing point of view).


On 9/26/14, 9:00 AM, Trail, Nate wrote:
> Karen,
> titleVariation has a range of Title, so you have the Title node to 
> describe in detail the source, type, titlevalue, etc. Currently 
> 246,247,242 are going to titleVariation.
> I think formDesignation is coming out of the Title class, since it’s 
> describing the Work, not the title. (That’s a holdover from trying to 
> keep all the parts of a marc title together in building a preferred 
> title or aap.
> titleVariation has no domain, but I think in practice it will probably 
> be found on Instances.
> We are trying to overhaul titles.  Suggestions welcome.
> Nate
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> Thanks, Mark. So it would seem that for BIBFRAME, titleVariation would 
> be the property. However, are these titles associated with the Work or 
> the Instance/Manifestation?  I find this confusing in BIBFRAME because 
> titleVariation is listed as a property on the Work page[1] , with 
> domain Title, but the class Title [1] doesn't include it. Has anyone 
> looked carefully at titles in BIBFRAME to understand their semantics?
> kc
> [1]
> [2]
> On 9/26/14, 8:24 AM, Mark K. Ehlert wrote:
>     Karen Coyle <[log in to unmask] <mailto:[log in to unmask]>> wrote:
>     I believe the poster is referring to providing transcriptions
>     and/or translations of the title that do not appear on the piece
>     itself. Those should be distinguished from the title on piece.
>     AFAIK (catalogers, please weigh in here!), the only thing we've
>     had in the past is the title variation (MARC 246), but also AFAIK
>     we haven't actually provided for translations of titles. Do the
>     cataloging rules address this?
>     For cataloger-supplied translations, RDA has  MARC has
>     the 242; some may also use or substitute the 246 for this.
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