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Is there an opportunity to share a description of the rules for the marc to bibframe mapping?  I'm sure that it could be reverse engineering from the XQuery, but if there's an actual document that would be much easier to understand and use.

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MARC 382 is currently in mapped in BIBFRAME as bf:musicMediumNote, concatenating subfields a,d,p.


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It's a Bibframe vocabulary question and also a syntax question. I want to refer back to something Karen Coyle discussed in 2009, responding to Martha Yee ( ). I'm calling it the "two oboes and three guitars" problem, but I'll reduce it down to just the 1 oboe and 1 guitar problem.

For some music resource with an instrumentation of oboe plus guitar, we might have, in MARC:

382 0  $a oboe $n 1 $a guitar $n 1 $s 2 $2 lcmpt

But in Bibframe, the following would be inaccurate:

<piece for oboe and guitar> a bf:Work ;
            bf:Title "Title of this piece for oboe and guitar" ;
            bf:[?property] <> ;
            bf:[?property] <> ;

because the medium of performance is not oboe and it's also not guitar; it's oboe + guitar. Is there a syntax that can "wrap" these two separate statements together so that we're making one assertion about the work's medium? Alternatively, and especially since no such bf property currently exists (have I missed it?), is this a case where it is expected that we will use a non-bf vocabulary? (bf:musicMedium is included in category "Title information" and corresponds to MARC bib 240 $m or auth 1XX $m.)

Thanks for any insights, clarifications, or corrections.

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