Some specific questions:

--- Range/Domain ---

* bf:dissertationInstitution has a range of bf:Agent, not bf:Institution.  Are there really people that give out dissertations (and how much do they cost? :D)

* bf:edition (and bf:editionResponsibility, which looks like a Note) has a domain of Instance, as expected from the Provider discussion that different editions (and hence dates) must be different Instances. However, bf:otherEdition has domain and range of bf:Work.  This seems like a mistake?

* Relatedly, bf:musicVersion has a range of Literal and no domain. This seems like it should be Work or Instance?
* And similarly, bf:treatySignator has a range of Literal and no domain.  Seems like it should be a range of bf:Person?

--- No Semantics ---

* bf:agent doesn't seem to say anything beyond "Here is an agent somehow related to this resource", and has no domain.  Also, afaict, it has no sub-properties.   Can anyone shed some light on what the meaning of the relationship is, and thus when a producer would create it and what a consumer would do with it?
* bf:event is the same as bf:agent.
* bf:place used to exist, but no longer ... should agent and event also be deleted?  (temporal and topic never existed)

* bf:relatedInstance seems to only have the semantics of relatedTo, but with specific range and domain.  Why would a consumer/producer use this instead of relatedTo?
* Ditto bf:relatedWork

* bf:legalDate seems to have the description of Date of a work that's legal in nature, or the date a treaty was signed, or the date a law went into effect. This seems so indistinct to the point of being worthless?

--- Inconsistency ---

* bf:originPlace, bf:originDate ... but bf:Provider, and the previous discussion about providerName and providerDate.   So when its an Instance, the event gets its own resource, but when its a Work, it doesn't?



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