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• * bf:edition : MARC 250$a  bf:editionResponsibility 250$b bf:otherEdition MARC 775.
        o The first two describe this edition, the otherEdition points to a different resource:
                o BF edition and responsibility: :
                o bfotherEdition:

250$a and $b I [believe I] understand.  And the discussion that there's no need to merge them as the bf:editionResponsibility must always belong to the bf:edition ... as any other edition must be a new _bf:Instance_ so each Instance can only ever have one of each.

But then bf:otherEdition should be a relationship between Instances, not between Works?

In a FRBR/RDA sense, an edition statement found on the instance (RDA: manifestation) indicates the edition or "edition-ness" to which it belongs (RDA: expression).

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