Oh behalf of the EAD Roundtable:

We are creating an EAD3 User Resource page to be released around the
same time as the TS-EAD releases the formal schema and tag library.
One of the sections will be an EAD3 User FAQ, where we hope to answer
both common and off-the-wall questions about this new version of EAD.

Of course, for that to work, we'll need your questions. Please send
them to me offlist at [log in to unmask] No question too "simple"
or too "probably just me"!

Don't have any EAD questions specific to EAD3? We're taking all EAD
questions, as any you have about EAD 2002 may well apply to EAD3 or we
may be able to specify where EAD3 differs from or solves a problem in
EAD 2002.

I've been contacting some folks who I know have taught EAD seminars to
see what FAQs they've encountered. If you've taught one and didn't get
an email from me, I'd appreciate hearing those if you have time to
drop a line.

Ruth Kitchin Tillman, co-chair, EAD RT
Metadata Librarian, Cadence Group
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Library, Code 272
Goddard Library Repository:
-- | | @ruthbrarian