Hi all --

I'm hoping that someone might have suggestions for a weird issue we've run into with the printer-friendly versions of our finding aids. 

Our style sheet renders the inventory section as tables, one table for each c01 (I know, I know, using tables for layout is bad practice, mea culpa, but we don't have the time to completely rewrite our style sheets [although it's on my list]).  

When printing a finding aid, very occasionally we'll encounter a situation where the end of a table row butts up exactlypreciselysmackdab against a page break.  This causes the printed version to truncate the remainder of that particular table (i.e., the rest of that c01 information), as if it doesn't even exist.  The worst part is, there is NO EVIDENCE that anything is missing, so the poor researcher that prints this out will have no idea that he's missing part of the finding aid.  Clearly something is wonky in the browser's interpretation of the file behind the scenes, perhaps in the way it thinks it's OK to break pages.  We're not using divs, just plain old tables.

Can anyone suggest a css fix for this?

Michele Combs
Lead Archivist
Special Collections Research Center
Syracuse University Libraries
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