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So far, 14 people have responded to the poll about the Spring LOC meetings.

Please add your voice to those below by Friday mid-day.  I'll send a report out to everyone on Fri and we can talk to Anne on her return next Monday.



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responses to date, in order rec'd:

Do you want to meet for 1.5 or 2 full days in the Spring? What topics would you like to cover in the extra half day of meetings? Any other comments?
Let's do 2 full days (Thurs/Fri) State Book Awards programs
National Projects
Let's do 2 full days (Thurs/Fri)   I'm interested in a longer meeting for LAL. Between the many details and the blessings of having a lot of extroverts sharing information, we rarely have time to cover everything.
Let's do 2 full days (Thurs/Fri) I would like to talk about branding the network. I'd also like to have coordinators take the lead on small group meetings around programs others are interested in ... I know some states want to talk in depth about book festivals (though I don't) so having a small group meeting about that for some people while others meet about some other topic would be great.

We might also try an unconference or hive approach to discussion .. where we brainstorm topics, vote for our top three, and set those as the small group topics for Fri afternoon.

Let's do 2 full days (Thurs/Fri) I don't think we necessarily need more topics to cover but more time to fully discuss the basic topics.

If we were to add anything, a Q & A session might be helpful - especially for newer staff.
The 1.5 days is always rushed. It just doesn't seem to be a sufficient amount of time for full discussion and/or to reach resolutions.
Let's do 2 full days (Thurs/Fri) Collaborative programming/ projects

Regional collaborations . meeting on potential projects
? Maybe ask people to submit programs they do and ask group before meting what would they like to learn more about, then feature top 5 for longer discussions
Let's do 2 full days (Thurs/Fri) More active support from the Library of Congress{Center for the Book}--traveling initiatives, speakers, centerpieces to build interesting events to attract community visibility
Let's do 2 full days (Thurs/Fri) Meeting with other Center for the Books who are hosted by Humanities Councils
Digital Literary Map
I think we should meet two full days but this year the second day falls on our big state read so I will have to leave early
Can't attend    
Keep it to 1.5 days (Thurs/Fri a.m.)    
Let's do 2 full days (Thurs/Fri) Funding, Fund Raising, Collaborations, Successful Grants, Recruiting volunteers  
Let's do 2 full days (Thurs/Fri) Literary mapping/literary trails continued? Hope to finally be able to attend this year (barring mid-year budget cuts).
Let's do 2 full days (Thurs/Fri) I'd like to see the same strategic planning process repeated for programs, i.e. LAL  
Either   I will need to leave early on day two regardless of the length of the meeting, so my vote does not count.
Let's do 2 full days (Thurs/Fri) I think we should allow for some unconference time to let the group develop topics and share / discuss the most relevant things in the moment. Don't need to conduct the whole meeting this way, but an afternoon with this approach could be extremely valuable.  

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