I sent what is below to the 50 State Library Associations.  You may want to
contact them and off to partner on this project.


Dear Fellow Chapter Councilors:

I am working with United for Libraries and the Children's Book Council on
an initiative for Children's Book Week.  It is our hope that during
Children's Book Week in 2015 that with your help United for Libraries can
dedicate throughout the country at least 7 Literary Landmarks that are
connected with a children's book or author.

It would be great if your chapter would take the lead in nominating a
possible Literary Landmark in your State.  You may also want to work with
your state's Center for the Book.

Here are some helpful links that give you more information on Literary

Only 33 States have Literary Landmarks.  Check to see if you state has at
least one. If it doesn't this is a great time to get one.

I have worked in having several sites designated as Literary Landmarks.
Most recently we dedicated The Walt Whitman Birthplace a Literary
Landmark.  At the event we had a Congressman, State Senators and members of
the NYS Assembly including the chair of the Library Committee.  I am happy
to say that the Landmark was cosponsored by Suffolk County Library
Association, Suffolk School Library Media Association and the Lambda
Literary Foundation.

Attached is a photo of the Librarians in attendance.

Feel free to contact me of Sally Gardner Reed or Jillian Kalonick if you
have any questions.


Rocco Staino