Dear colleagues,

We are cataloging an English translation of a book originally in Portuguese, published in Brazil.  It was written by a professor here at KSU.  I confirmed with the author yesterday that in this new, English translation, he expanded it to include new theoretical discussion not in previous editions.  So, my question to the collective wisdom is this:

Should this book be treated as a strict translation, with 100/240 combination… (see below):

100 0   Kazadi wa Mukuna, ǂe author.
240 10 Contribuição bantu na música popular brasileira. ǂl English
245 10 Bantu contributions in Brazilian popular music : ǂb ethnomusicological perspectives …

…or, would a related work access point be more appropriate? (see below):

700 1   $i Expanded version of (work): $a Contribuição bantu na música popular brasileira. (240 removed)

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