From OCLC’s Bibliographic Format’s and Standards:


Multiple adjacent titles or words associated with a name are contained in a single subfield ‡c. Repeat subfield ‡c only when words associated with a name are separated by subelements contained in other subfields.



Charles Edward, ‡c Prince, grandson of James II, King of England, ‡d 1720-1788.




Thomas, ‡c Aquinas, Saint, ‡d 1225?-1274.




Churchill, Winston, ‡c Sir, ‡d 1874-1965 ‡c (Spirit)



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Subject: [PCCLIST] Repeating consecutive 100 $c's


A question for colleagues on this list.  Is there a preferred practice for encoding a pair of consecutive $c's in a 100 field?

I've seen the following for AAPs fashioned in the style of 'Smith, John, Jr., Mrs.':


100 1- Smith, John, $c Jr., $c Mrs.

 - and -

100 1- Smith, John, $c Jr., Mrs.

The latter appears to be more common in the authority file.


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