PCCLIST readers,

Where is the rationale that results in the use of enclosing parentheses for addition of

·         Fuller form of name (

·         Profession or Occupation (

·         Other Designation (

but a preceding comma for addition of

·         Title or Other Designation Associated with the Person (

·         Date of Birth and/or Death (

·         Other Term of Rank, Honour, or Office (

Is this just legacy punctuation from earlier codes, ones that endowed punctuation with bibliographic significance?  Perhaps such usage is documented in the minutes of a committee somewhere.

Here's one source in which I didn't find such information:
PCC Post RDA Test Guidelines

Moreover, I submit to you that the distinction between "professor" as an occupation versus as a term of rank, etc. is too nice for practical use.  But it reflects, to a degree, differing semantic fields between British and American usage.   I dare say German usage differs yet further.

Sincerely - Ian

Ian Fairclough
Cataloging and Metadata Services Librarian
George Mason University
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