Thanks, Mark.  I think I had had at least an inkling of the difference between relationship elements and relationship designators, but I guess it failed me here.

Still, it seems to me that the language in RDA is scaring us away more than necessary from the option of using the element as a designator when appropriate, as MARC sometimes makes necessary.

Pete Wilson
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I don't understand why there is no relationship designator "publisher," though.

It would duplicate the relationship element under 21.3.  Those relationships listed under App. I fine-tune the many of the broader relationships listed in RDA 19-22.  So if someone wanted to stick with Chapter 19's "Creator" relationship, then $e creator.  If someone wanted to go two, three, four steps more specific, they'd use one of the designators under App. I.2.1, like "author."

  Is it assumed that if an entity does nothing but publish a resource, it does not need its own access point?

Chapters 19-22 are about (in MARC) tracing at all levels of the WEMI spectrum, from creators to curators to others in between.

The definition quoted by Ben--"A person, family or corporate body issuing a work, such as an official organ of the body" (I'm not sure where this is in RDA)...

In Appendix I.2.2, for the "issuing body" designator.

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