Just thought I’d let you know I have removed “Gray, Henry, ǂd 1825-1861. ǂt Anatomy” from the 30+ editions we have of his work and replaced it with a 740 Gray’s anatomy. I am continuing the use of the established form only as an added entry on adaptations of Gray’s work, including Gray's clinical neuroanatomy, Gray’s anatomy for students,  and Gray’s basic anatomy.  


Ted Gemberling


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Subject: "Gray's anatomy" as access point


“Gray’s anatomy” is currently set up as a see reference under the authorized form: Gray, Henry, ǂd 1825-1861. ǂt Anatomy (both 100 and 400 in name-title form).


I notice that in LC’s own catalog, the uniform title is “Anatomy, descriptive and surgical,” in a 240. That is the title of Gray’s original edition. I believe there have been over 30 editions, right up to the present, and Gray was only involved in the first one or two because he died at age 35.


The see reference “Gray’s anatomy” no longer seems to be useful as an access point. I don’t know if this could be because so many libraries have given up their “classic” catalogs in favor of “next generation” catalogs. I think I used to be able to do title alphabetic searches for the subfield t under a person’s name and get a link to the established form and its related bibliographic records, at least in some ILS’s. In a survey of catalogs around the country over the weekend, I found no catalogs where that worked for Gray’s anatomy.


I wonder if the established form should be 130 Gray’s anatomy since that is how most people know the work.


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