It's important for ALL creative works. That's why it's too bad that the 
data only separates between "main entry" and "other" without further 
distinction. But without some role coding, all you can know, from a 
machine interpretation point of view, is "main/other." Oh, and most of 
the time we don't even know the role of the main entry, because "main 
entry" isn't a creative role.

Take this as a lesson of the difference between creating data for 
humans, and creating data for machines. We're still doing the former. 
Should we continue to do so?


On 10/22/14 10:42 AM, Gordon, Bruce J. wrote:
> For sound and audiovisual items the distinction between contributor 
> and creator is important.
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>> Joe said:
>>> The LC conversion uses bf:contributor as a default when there is no 
>>> explicit
>>> role.  The problem is that entities named in 7XXs may be 
>>> contributors, but
>>> others may be creators ...
>> I doubt if patrons know or care about a distinction between "contributor"
>> and" creator"; "agent" introduces a third term not in present rules.
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