NLS Operations Alert


No. 14-77


DATE           :   October 29, 2014

TO                :   Network Libraries

FROM          :   Meredith Beckhardt, Head, Reference Section

SUBJECT   :   New documents released during October



New documents from NLS may be accessed via the Internet as follows:


On the NLS website (

·         Added Entries, Volume 40, Issue 4

·         News, July–September 2014

·         Talking Book Topics, September–October 2014

·         Braille Book Review, September–October 2014


On the Network Library Services website (


·         Magazines Produced by Network Libraries

·         September Bestsellers


In addition, the following hardcopy documents are available at the multistate centers:


·         Braille Book Review, September–October 2014, large print (CA6145)

·         Digital Talking Books Plus, 2013, large print (CA2113)

·         Talking Book Topics, September–October 2014, large print (CA5137)


The braille version of Braille Book Review and audio version of Talking Book Topics are available on BARD.


For more information contact:

Meredith Beckhardt

Head, Reference Section

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