Hi Rachel

  I add a subdivision to an LCSH term if needed to provide more 
specificity. You're right that this field does not allow coding for 
subdivisions; use dashes instead: Real property--Valuation.

  And definitely eat the cookies.

*Jennifer Sweda

On 10/2/2014 2:08 PM, Rachel Shaevel wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> Long time lurker here. I’ve been in a confusing situation a couple of 
> times already that I could use some help with.  What if there’s an 
> awesome LCSH that I want to use for a corporate body NAR in the 372 
> (field of activity), but the heading has a subfield x? Right now I’m 
> working on an authority record for a board of real estate assessors, 
> and the heading I want to use in the 372 is Real property ǂx Valuation 
> (sh 85111745.)  Is there a way to shove all that into the subfield a 
> and still call it an LC heading?  Should I go looking for a more 
> appropriate controlled vocabulary?  Skip the field altogether?  Eat 
> some cookies?  I hope I’m not missing something really simple.
> Thanks in advance,
> Rachel
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