LC-PCC PS for I.1 says to consult the PCC Guidelines for the Application of Relationship Designators in Bibliographic Records. Guideline 12 in that document says “Appendix I relationship designators should not be used in a name/title access point tagged MARC 700-711 or 800-811, or in a name/title linking field tagged MARC 76X-78X.”





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Subject: [PCCLIST] MARC fields doing double duty - a case


PCCLIST readers,


At my desk: Laurie Lee :  a folio /  by Jessy Lee.  OCLC 870426566 


In this book the late English celebrity Laurie Lee, who is best known as an author, has an anthology of paintings, drawings and poems, compiled by his daughter Jessy, who wrote the extensive biographical commentary (and has been given main entry).   This additional field was present:

70012Lee, Laurie. ǂt Works. ǂk Selections.


It appears that the existing field is doing double duty.  Presumably, catalogers considered the entry for the work/expression, whichever it is (it looks like it covers both) to be adequate.  But no relationship designator was present. 


Would you edit the existing field to include one?  Thus:

70012Lee, Laurie, ǂe artist. ǂt Works. ǂk Selections.


Or would you add a field, thus:

7001 Lee, Laurie, ǂe artist.

70012Lee, Laurie. ǂt Works. ǂk Selections.


Furthermore: the book consists not only of art works but textual ones.  To provide a relationship designator for the text, would you put:


70012Lee, Laurie, ǂe artist, ǂe author. ǂt Works. ǂk Selections.


7001 Lee, Laurie, ǂe artist.

7001 Lee, Laurie, ǂe author.

70012Lee, Laurie. ǂt Works. ǂk Selections.


Sincerely - Ian


Ian Fairclough

Cataloging and Metadata Services Librarian

George Mason University


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