Left undiscussed, it seems to me, is what is the proper "main entry" for the work.

Per RDA (If the work is a compilation of works by different persons, families, or corporate bodies, construct the authorized access point representing the work by using the preferred title for the compilation), then isn't  Jessy Lee's work (per RDA) a compilation and therefore shouldn't it be entered under title?

One has Jessy Lee's (new) "extensive biographical commentary" as well as a selection of the (deceased) Laurie Lee's (previously existing) works--in other words, two different works. Therefore, wouldn't two 70012s be given: 70012 Lee, Jessie. At my desk [or title of the commentary?--see next paragraph] , and 70012 Lee, Laurie. Works. Selections?

LC-PCC PS for (Commentary, annotations, illustrative content, etc. added to a previously existing work) also seems to "push" this view for a book containing Laurie Lee's previously existing work plus Jessy Lee's biographical commentary although only Ian Fairclough has the book-in-hand to determine if Jessy Lee's commentary has its "own title proper" within this work which would merit a different $t in the 70012 for Jessy Lee.

The only way to avoid entry-under-title is to give Laurie Lee a simple 70010. Or give "main entry" to Laurie Lee and a simple 700 to Jessy Lee.

Seems to me many art books, as well as any other work which might include "works" by the subject of the work (e.g., letters, a few essays, drawings, etc.), would require entry under title, in violation (seems to me) of what the author/publisher intend or the layout of the title page. AACR2 allowed analytical added entries without affecting how the main entry was determined, but under RDA adding such entries means the book is now a compilation. No???

I recently cataloged (at LC) an Italian local history of a town during the Fascist period 1930s-40s which included an appendix containing the diary of the local parish priest during this time period. I indicated this in a note, but when I gave an author-title analytic for the diary, I was told the work would then have to entered under title as I then had a "compilation" in hand, not a "simple" author-title book which happened to include a smaller work within it, so I ended up with two 70012s, one for the author-title of the main work and one for the priest and his diary. Also recently had quite a discussion about a Catalogue raisonné of an artist's drawings. And again, one could not enter the catalog under the author named on the title page IF a 70012 was given to the artist: [Artist]. Drawings, because then this work is considered to contain two separate works and is a compilation. In the end, the artist got a simple 700 to avoid entry under title for the work-in-hand.

Has anyone else dealt with this (horrible, IMHO and all that) situation with RDA? Did not find a definition of what a compilation is, but would be nice if those involved in establishing RDA rules would allow analytics for smaller works contained within larger works without triggering RD6.26.1.4.

  Sam Andrusko (retired, volunteer LC cataloger, speaking only for myself)

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PCCLIST readers,


At my desk: Laurie Lee :  a folio /  by Jessy Lee.  OCLC 870426566 


In this book the late English celebrity Laurie Lee, who is best known as an author, has an anthology of paintings, drawings and poems, compiled by his daughter Jessy, who wrote the extensive biographical commentary (and has been given main entry).   This additional field was present:

70012 Lee, Laurie. ǂt Works. ǂk Selections.