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I working on cataloging the digitized version of a book by author T.M.C. Asser.  The existing NACO record, still coded AACR2, has the name established as:


Asser, T. M. C. ǂq (Tobias Michael Carel), ǂd 1838-1913


The usage seems to be consistent as T.M.C. Asser.


There’s no justification in the NACO authority record for the fuller form of the name.


I looked in Wikipedia and found this information on his name:


Tobias Michel Karel Asser (28 April 1838 – 29 July 1913) was a Dutch lawyer and legal scholar of Jewish background, cowinner (with Alfred Fried) of the Nobel Prize for Peace in 1911 for his role in the formation of the Permanent Court of Arbitration at the first Hague peace conference (1899).


In VIAF, I found that the National Library of the Netherlands established the name as follows:

‡a  Asser, T.M.C. ‡q  (Tobias Michel Carel), ‡d  1838-1913


As the author was Dutch, it seems to me that the form that the National Library of the Netherlands used makes more sense than the Anglicized version that is the current NACO form of the name.


I was thinking that I should edit the NACO record so that the access point is:

Asser, T. M. C. ǂq (Tobias Michel Karel), ǂd 1838-1913


I would also add additional 670 fields from Wikipedia and VIAF to justify the form of the access point.


Do you agree with this approach?







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