Mark, though I haven’t done the workshop online, our experiences at Duke might be of some interest.  Last summer, we did on-site training. We spread the modules over several weeks.  The catalogers viewed the slides at their desks, one module at a time, with an hour and a half meeting for each module to answer questions and look at examples, including work by the participants.  We no longer have easy access to a training room with computers, so didn’t have any group “hands on” sessions.  However, since we weren’t doing this as five solid days, the catalogers had the opportunity to integrate their first NACO records with the regular daily work, bringing the results to the group discussions.  In addition to the meetings for each module, we had some extra meetings to look at more examples from the participants.


I believe that spreading the modules out has a lot of advantages, since five days of straight training can be exhausting.   Our method could be adapted to online, assigning the slides and then having the discussions as webinars.  I have gotten a lot of positive feedback for the basic idea of letting everybody read slides at their own speed, which is a method we’ve used for other training (for example Basic Subject Cataloging using LCSH).


Hope this helps.





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I have a question for those who have coordinated the full 5-day NACO training for online delivery.  It focuses on what the outline here (<>) refers to as the afternoon workbook exercises and hands-on practicum.  How did you go about handling this in an online setting?  Half-day live webinar for the presentation; half-day forum or e-mail discussions on the exercises?  Live "office hours" via chat and/or webinar for the afternoon?  (That one's the most interactive approach.)  Other methods?

The reason I'm asking is that we're in the early stages of planning a series of "revisiting NACO" webinars for Minnesota NACO Funnel members.




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