I have a situation regarding an undifferentiated name authority, n 2003019581, which I haven’t seen addressed as yet.  I understand what we should do when establishing a person on an undifferentiated authority on his/her own; I also understand what to do when the last entity on such a record is established on its own.  But what do we do when the existing undifferentiated name authority contains two names which end up being the same person?   We have information that Larissa Forster (the entity on the undifferentiated record) is both the author of Wasser *and* the editor of Namibia-Deutschland eine geteilte Geschichte, the two 670s on the existing record.


Can we simply change this record into a differentiated record, remove the two bracketed 670s and add our additional information?  Or do we need to create an entirely new record, copying all the existing information and adding our new information, then report the existing record for deletion?




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