Thank you Stephen. That is a better example. I modified most of those township headings you mention to include the type of jurisdiction as part of the name, but was recently informed by LC that those are incorrect and that the type of jurisdiction (in this case "Township") will be removed from the name. So we will be back to an undifferentiated "Dearborn" in corporate body qualifiers. My other job duties are now crowding out the Sisyphean task of advocating that LC-PCC PS's be edited to accommodate something very specific to Michigan and not easily generalizable to other jurisdictions. The question keeps coming up though. When I saw Becky's question, I dashed off that message without checking my example. Thanks for amendment!



Stephen Hearn  wrote:

Friendly amendment to Tim Watters question: Dearborn (Mich) (n 79056669) vs. Dearborn (Mich. : Township) (n 81018619) is a better example.  Most Michigan townships are established with "Township" as part of the township's name, not as a qualifier. That's another way to resolve the problem.