The entities recorded in the 370 are place names, and Danzig (Germany) is a
valid name heading, as shown by the presence of a record for it in the NAF.
"Danzig" was certainly the name by which this place was known in 1896 when
Gerhard Rose was born, so it seems appropriate from that angle as well to
use "Danzig (Germany) $2 naf".

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>  We are upgrading the record for Rose, Gerhard, ‡d 1896-1992 (LCCN
> no2002101636) to RDA.  We want to include a 370 for his place of birth
> which was Danzig (Germany).  The record for Danzig (Germany) has a 667
> which states SUBJECT USAGE: This heading is not valid for use as a
> subject. Works about this place are entered under Gdaněsk (Poland).  What
> do we use in the 370, Danzig (Germany) or Gdansk (Poland)?  Is place of
> birth treated like a subject?
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