I mainly agree with John Hostage--it's debatable, and there should be some
guidance. Just to make the counter argument:

Use of a controlled form of name for a birthplace indicates an intention to
provide uniform access. Birthplace is not a subject heading, but practice
now is to regard many attributes as access points with vocabularies that
support uniform retrieval. If the birthplace is simply an attribute derived
from sources, one could (and one can) record any found form with the
appropriate field/subfield designation. But if the intent is to support
uniform retrieval, using a single heading for a city where persons were
born does that better.  The instruction about not using Danzig (Germany)
for subject headings is implicitly about using Danzig (Germany) only for
name entries. The birthplace attribute is not a name entry, either. Hence
the need for guidance.

Given that in this case the city not only changed its name but its
nationality, another option would be:

370 $a Gdansk (Poland) $2 naf
370 $a Germany $2 naf


On Tue, Oct 28, 2014 at 7:10 PM, Adam L. Schiff <[log in to unmask]>

> Use the authority record for the place as appropriate for the date of his
> birth.  These are attributes, not subjects.
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>> Subject: Use of terms in 370 which have  SUBJECT USAGE: This heading is
>> not
>>     valid for use as a subject. Works about this place are entered under
>> ...
>> We are upgrading the record for Rose, Gerhard, ‡d 1896-1992 (LCCN
>> no2002101636) to RDA.  We want to include a 370 for his place of birth
>> which was Danzig (Germany).  The record for Danzig (Germany) has a 667
>> which states SUBJECT USAGE: This heading is not valid for use as a subject.
>> Works about this place are entered under Gdańsk (Poland).  What do we use
>> in the 370, Danzig (Germany) or Gdansk (Poland)?  Is place of birth treated
>> like a subject?
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>> Barbara
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