Sent to multiple PCC lists on behalf of Judith Cannan, Chief, Cooperative & Instructional Programs, Library of Congress. A copy of this announcement has been posted on the PCC website:


The PCC Secretariat is happy to announce that Jessalyn Zoom has agreed, even after assuming a section head position, to continue some of her PCC BIBCO activities.  


BIBCO membership will continue to be supported by Jessalyn Zoom. Jessalyn will:

·       Coordinate membership: Recruit members, assess eligibility and ability, prepare supporting information for applications and answer program-related questions

·       Submit applications to the PCC Steering Committee for approval

·       Work with utility liaisons to set up proper authorizations

·       Assign reviewers/trainers from PCC membership

·       Send out a BIBCO independence letter once an institutional member is declared independent

·       Lead the BIBCO session during the PCC Operations Committee meeting


Other BIBCO Duties:

Tim Carlton, a senior instructor in Cooperative and Instructional Programs Division (COIN), has agreed to help with answering BIBCO questions, updating webpages, and with BIBCO training and documentation.    Tim Carlton’s work is featured on the CLW page. For example Tim prepared the RDA Toolkit manual posted on the CLW page. Any remaining duties will be picked up by the three members of the Secretariat, Les Hawkins, Paul Frank, and Hien Nguyen.


NACO and SACO Activities:

Jessalyn Zoom provided considerable help with reviewing NACO work, answering NACO questions, processing BFM, and reviewing SACO proposals.  She will no longer be assisting in these activities.  Sabreen Madyun and Ethel Tillman, who work in the Data Integrity Section of Policy and Standards Division (PSD) and are currently under Judith Cannan’s supervision, are now assisting with these activities.  Their new PCC role is an extension of their current duties as they perform these tasks for Library of Congress staff members.  When appropriate, PCC members may receive emails from Ethel and Sabreen about NACO issues or SACO proposals.    



Now that only three persons are officially serving as members of the secretariat, please send your queries to the PCC email accounts wherever possible so they do not get lost.  The accounts are: 

Cooperative Programs Section
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BIBCO – Monographic Bibliographic Record Cooperative Program
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CONSER – Cooperative Online Continuing Resources Program
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NACO - Name Authority Cooperative Program
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SACO – Subject Authority Cooperative Program
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