When cataloging something like [1] (where the title page is similar to the cover, but without the center image; collection of printed music for several songs), I'm wondering how to deal with the title proper and the preferred title of the work. As I understand it (being somewhat new to cataloging popular music, and even newer to doing so in RDA), I would have a title main-entry (/preferred access point) (since the songs are composed by multiple people, though Paul McCartney does appear to be listed as at least one of the composers on most, if not all, of the songs); I'm thinking of giving the 245 as: $aPaul McCartney :$bout there. If I went with that, I would like to use the subtitle as the qualifier in the 130, "Paul McCartney (Out there)". However, it might be better to give the 245 as Paul McCartney, out there, to avoid the need for the 130.

What is the proper way to deal with works such as this (or what would you do), with the name of the performer and the name of an album (or other other-title-information)? Am I correct in believing that this should be entered under title rather than McCartney (or (in the general case) name of performer/performing group)?

For the LC Classification, would it still be ok to use "M1630.18.M1518$bP385 2014" (1st Cutter for performer, 2nd for title)?


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