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In response to my earlier posts, Ted Gemberling said: "Let’s say we used just the more specific 700, with the Expression date. Why would that be better than using the 240?"


Also, Pete Wilson said: "But I don’t think I have seen any suggestion that a work AAP and an expression AAP based on that work could, or should, both be included in a bib record for a manifestation containing just that one expression.  Why do you want to do that?"


Perhaps other readers can address these issues.  I have more to say, but what follows would likely take a slightly different direction. 


And to provide a "course correction" to remedy the defects that Pete identifies, namely --


"Most importantly, I don’t believe this:

Edwards, Jonathan, $d 1703-1758. $t Works. $k Selections. $f 2013

is an expression of:

Edwards, Jonathan, $d 1703-1758. $t Works. $k Selections"


-- I'd also appreciate other perspectives.  How would you best individuate the particular work that comprises this specific anthology of writings?


Sincerely - Ian


Ian Fairclough

Cataloging and Metadata Services Librarian

George Mason University


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