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I’m curious, what is the mechanism you are thinking would be used to allow Non-NACO experts to add element so NACO NARS.  Would this be based on authorizations issued by OCLC and SkyRiver (much as the Enhance authos) to allow access to the LC/NAF version in those files and subsequently NACO authorized members would add them to the LC/NAF?

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I would feel uneasy letting non-NACO members create new records or update access points, but I agree with Kate that might be good to allow non-NACO experts or other interested parties to add selected elements to records, like occupations or fields of activity, etc. I’m enthusiastically adding the elements to records I encounter but I’m only one and so can only get to so many, and if it’s true that many catalogers “see coding attributes as time consuming and not very useful” then it’s time to enlist the help of those who do see this as useful. If we don’t get the data into the file it’ll never reach the potential it could have. I’m quite sorry to hear about that attitude among catalogers, though—perhaps PCC could attempt to do something to change that.




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I think this fits in with NACO lite.

Just this week one of my staff members was discussing cataloging metadata with a music professor who specializes in jazz.  She showed her the entity attributes search in the NAF. She searched jazz musicians and pulled up 703 jazz musicians and the professor was thrilled.  When she told me the story, I thought how wonderful it would be if we opened up coding the headings information fields to the wider community, especially to those in specialized areas.  It seems like any other area of crowd sourcing.  People who really care have both the knowledge and the enthusiasm for the work.  I think many catalogers, on the other hand, see coding attributes as time consuming and not very useful.  If we could get a substantial body of this data, PCC could perhaps work on use cases.  I've heard that there is some interest in the Blacklight community to use authority data in discovery systems for example.


On 10/3/2014 11:33 AM, Beth Picknally Camden wrote:


It's time for one last strategic theme for discussion.   I would like us to look at Recommendation 3 for the ACI report:  "Significantly expand the ranks of those who can create
identifiers/contribute authority data".   They propose two ways of expanding:

What are the pros/cons of these options?   Should we do both, or neither?   Other thoughts on this recommendations?


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