On 06/11/2014, Tom Fine wrote:

> Long ago, Mosaic Records released a box set of Maynard Ferguson's
> Roulette albums:
> (this web page retrieved from 1999)
> At the end of the discography is a list of the original Roulette
> albums.
> Given that this material is long out of print now, have any of the
> European gray-market jazz labels ripped the Mosaic CDs and repackaged
> this in original Roulette album sequences? I found very little on
> Amazon USA, and what I found might well be crapola LP dubs. Other
> Mosaic sets, for instance the Duke Ellington Reprise albums, were
> quickly out as gray-market CDs after the Mosaic set sold out.
> -- Tom Fine 

I didn't see anything on that looked likely. 

The cheapest jazz reissue albums seem to rely on transfers from vinyl.
(In the case of Avid, rather good transfers.).

I doubt they would run to the expense of buying Mosaic sets.

Don Cox
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